Since its foundation in 1968, Harju Elekter has become one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment and material in the Baltic states. The Harju Elekter share has been quoted on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange since 1997. In Sweden the business started with SEBAB in 1987.

The Harju Elekter group

In 1968 the legendary CEO Sulev Kivimäe took the initiative to start a cable manufacturing operation. This was followed by project-based production of electrical panels. In response to high demand, investments were made in product development and a broad product range was rapidly created.

During Harju Elekter’s first years, to satisfy market demand it was necessary to introduce processes for manufacturing electric and electronic equipment, lighting equipment, cables and other products. The group also developed products for voltage stabilisation, reactive power compensation, automation panels, and switchgear equipment.

Since its foundation, Harju Elekter has regarded research and development as important success factors. This applies to products, product ranges and our own production processes. Building on experience from customers and installations has been important for Harju Elekter since the start and will be equally important in the future. The group’s development engineers continuously develop products and processes based on market insights, new technologies and new possibilities.

Harju Elekter in Sweden

SEBAB AB and GRYTEK AB were acquired by Harju Elekter and have been part of the group since 2018.

SEEBAB’s history stretches back to 1987 when the company was founded by Thomas Andersson. The initial business concept was to “provide a cost-effective product range within electrical power and power distribution. With high quality and fast deliveries we will be the obvious choice of business partner in the Scandinavian market.” This applies equally now that SEBAB is part of Harju Elekter Sweden.

SEBAB has received various awards from, for example, the Swedish financial press, including Dagens Industri’s Gasellföretag and Veckans Affärer’s Superföretag, and subsequently expanded more rapidly, adding several offices with warehousing and production. It also created business areas managing their own large projects. The projects shifted gradually towards pre-equipped electrical housings and onsite projects, including commissioning and handover.

GRYTEK has manufactured equipment housings since 1976 at the same location in Grytgöl, near Finspång. The operation changed owners during 2013, and was renamed GRYTEK. Today the forge in Barketorp, where it all began, has been developed into a modern production facility of 5,600 m2 with advanced production concepts and its own glueboard for sandwich panels. It also has inhouse resources for installation of customers’ equipment. Examples are switchgear, control cabinets, automation and SCADA installations. Complementary FAT testing is now performed inhouse together with customers. GRYTEK has also become a logistics centre for Harju Elekter’s extensive deliveries of stations to E.ON and other customers.

Concepts and methods for building insulated equipment housings are continuously developed and are divided into three different product groups: EasyFLEX, CombiFLEX and SteelFLEX.

Harju Elekter in Sweden was established on a small scale in 2010 and subsequently started deliveries of serial stations and substations to power plants. Cable housings and switchgear were also added.

At the end of 2020 SEBAB AB, GRYTEK AB and Harju Elekter will become one company with more than 65 employees and a substantial turnover.