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Project News, August

Things are picking up on the project front

Harju Elekter in Sweden has grown substantially during the spring and summer with many new people joining the company. Thus we have plenty of capacity to handle new projects and this is reflected in our order intake.

Technical shelters and switchgear for DSV logistics center in Stockholm

In cooperation with JN Kraft in Södertälje, Harju Elekter is delivering the power supply for DSV’s new logistics center in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm. Due for completion by the end of the year, the center will enable DSV to offer a complete portfolio of transport and logistics services that will complement its facilities south of Stockholm in Skogås.

The order includes technical shelters, 24 kV, 630 A, 20 kA switchgear with ventilator, 1 600 kVA epoxy transformers, 2 500 A ducting with flexible connections, low voltage switchgear, and a low voltage DC system. As with most Harju Elekter projects, the scope includes project management, design and engineering, factory testing, relay testing and installation support.

Power supply for Stockholm Exergi data center

APQ El AB is one of the Harju Elekter business partners who recently landed a project for Stockholm Exergi’s new data center.

Harju Elekter will supply DQG medium voltage switchgear, SIS 12 kV, 630 A, 25 kA. 1-pole insulated in compliance with IBH14, i.e., the switchgear is not gas insulated. The order also includes 1 600 kVA epoxy transformers, 2 500 A busbar with flexible connections, low voltage switchgear, and a low voltage DC system. Also an SEBvision system for monitoring and metering. Here again, Harju Elekter will provide full support with project management, testing and installation.

Power for gluten production at Lantmännen Agroetanol, Norrköping

Part of the Lantmännen agricultural cooperative, LM Agroetanol refinery in Norrköping mainly uses cereals and food industry waste products as raw materials. The cereals, which arrive at the plant every weekday all year round, are refined to produce food products and other products. Production of gluten is now being expanded at the Norrköping facility.

Harju Elekter is providing full support, a two-storey technical building, 2,000 kVA epoxy encapsulated transformers, various ducting with flexible connections, cassette switchgear with motor groups for metering, Sasil list switchgear with removable distribution groups, 690 V, 2,000 A low voltage switchgear with integrated frequency rectifier, equipment cabinets with externally mounted frequency rectifiers, and a 20 kVA, 3-phase UPS system with bypass distribution boards.

Project Manager Mika Pohjonen, Harju Elekter: “This is an exciting industrial project. The start-up meeting with the customer was very constructive and together we are developing an efficient, functioning solution.”