Ensuring continuous operation for ships

Harju Elekter serves partners in the Marine and Offshore sectors by offering detailed engineering, production and testing of:

  • Variable frequency multidrive systems
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Motor control centers (MCCs)
  • Fully equipped process automation cabinets

We deliver these solutions to suppliers of onboard marine systems throughout the world for integration into their projects.

Marine classification
Key for maritime personnel safety and environmental protection, Harju Elekter equipment and systems are tested, approved and certified by marine classification societies, such as DNV and LR.

Integrated into customers’ systems
Harju Elekter’s partners integrate our products into their own classification society certified systems for installation onboard ships and offshore platforms. Typically, our partners’ end-products are:

  • Propulsion systems
  • Shaft generators
  • Shore connections
  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs), switchboards
  • AHC (Active Heave Compensation)
  • LARS (Launch & Recovery systems)
  • Lifting equipment
  • Pumps, etc.

Our offering

At Harju Elekter we build systems at three levels of complexity according to your requirements and specifications. These are: Engineer-to-order, Make-to-order, and Assemble-to-order.

Engineer-to-order This demands the highest level of competence. Your specifications will probably require unique engineering design, significant customization, and/or the procurement of new materials.

Make-to-order Harju Elekter produces the entire product. The final result is usually a combination of standardized and customized items to meet your specific needs.

Assemble-to-order Harju Elekter keeps pre-built sub-assemblies in stock ready to assemble based on your requirements. Since minimal inventory is required, the final product can be delivered quickly.