Primary stations

Harju Elekter primary stations are characterised by their rugged design, stability, and flexibility in terms of size, location of doors and ventilation, colors and so on.

The delivery of a primary station often includes installation of high voltage switchgear, a transformer and distribution board, as well as other specified items.

Manufactured in our own factories, the primary station can be equipped with everything from switchgear to SCADA systems and remote connection capability.

Our project department will be pleased to take responsibility for the entire project.

General specifications:

  • High voltage switchgear (up to 172 kV)
  • Transformer
  • Primary station
  • Air-insulated primary switchgear, or compact switchgear
  • Relay protection
  • Batteries
  • SCADA system
  • Own low voltage switchgear
  • Communications

Substations/network stations

Harju Elekter substations are rugged in construction, offer a high level of safety and are tested according to IEC 62271-202. As the base does not require a deep excavation, the technical shelter can be located on hilly ground. It is available in the colour of the customer’s choice and cables can easily be rolled in on the low and high voltage sides. The transformer can also be replaced easily if required. The fact that we manufacture the substations in our own plants means we can easily customise them to specific architectural requirements.

When we supply a substation we can handle the entire process from preparing the base, delivering the technical shelter, cable connection, earthing, through to commissioning. The technical shelters are produced in our own factories, from sheet metal to finished substations, along with low voltage switchgear and air-insulated high-voltage switchgear.

General specifications:

  • Sheet metal or concrete shelter (with concrete base as standard)
  • High voltage switchgear <24 kV
  • Transformer
  • Low-voltage switchgear
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote control

One of our projects is a primary station at Stenbro, Gotland: