Electricity must always be available

It is the ultimate mission of all energy companies to ensure a stable supply of electricity. Harju Elekter’s low, medium and high voltage solutions are built on experience, technical competence and a broad product portfolio.

Equipment for power distribution in regional and local networks

Harju Elekter supplies complete solutions for power distribution in the energy sector. Our projects include installations from 0.4 kV up to 170 kV.

We handle projects from design to delivery, from installation of individual substations to complete primary stations. All Harju Elekter projects, including assembly, are characterised by our structured and systematic approach. In our Swedish organisation we have extensive experience of project management, engineering, configuration and programming, as well as commissioning and testing.

Our portfolio includes our own products and products that we purchase from selected partners. Thus we can offer energy companies a comprehensive range of power distribution solutions.

Our power station projects often include ground preparation and installation.

To offer the market the best service, we normally perform FAT testing at one of our plants in Sweden or Estonia. Service tasks are handled by our own service department.

Power stations

Harju Elekter supplies primary stations and non walk-in substations/network stations in sheet metal and concrete. Also walk-in stations in concrete for the Swedish market. Read more >

Wind power

Harju Elekter supplies solutions for connecting wind turbines to the power grid. Read more >

Energy storage

Harju Elekter solutions for storing energy, in this case electricity, are designed to reduce the load on the power grid when there is a shortage of capacity. Read more >