Ships also need electricity

Harju Elekter supplies electrical systems to ships in port and to harbor cranes. Our sister company in Finland supplies electrical systems for installation onboard ships as this calls for insight into the special conditions affecting ships at sea.

Supplying electricity to ships and harbor cranes

Harju Elekter is electrifying ports! This includes shore connections to ships and supplying power to harbor cranes. We also handle street lighting and traffic signal projects.

In the this area demands are high and it is extremely important to comply with prevailing standards. Harju Elekter has been an active player in this market for many decades – choose us as your supplier and you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.

Our supplier network and our leading edge competence are also advantages in the execution of each project, whether it’s the construction of a complete rectifier station or an unequipped technical shelter. For us every project is of equal value, and our ultimate aim is to ensure that the customer returns to us in the future.

One of our projects is a primary station at Värtahamnen, Stockholm:

Solutions for shipping

We have chosen not to locate a competence centre for our marine business in Sweden. Instead our sister company in Finland is handling all aspects related to electrical systems on ships. They offer complete, flexible and reliable solutions, covering all stages of a project from planning of electrical systems to procurement of materials, installation and commissioning.

Visit our Centre of Excellence for Marine in Finland via the web page here.