In our society, communication is key

Advanced equipment must be protected against weather and wind, vandalism and accidents. Our solutions contribute to high operational reliability.

Contributing to 5G and the expansion of Sweden’s fiber network

Harju Elekter offers a range of fiber equipment shelters, enclosures and racks designed specifically for 5G and fiber networks. Our deep insight into telecommunications, i.e., the transmission of information over distances via telephony and fiber cables, enables us to adapt our products to the standards demanded by telecom network operators, city network owners, and others.

Rapid progress is being made within communications technology, and 5G, the new fifth generation of cellular networks, is bringing major new possibilities. Faster data transfer, more connected units, shorter respnse times, and fewer delays are some of the biggest advantages.

The need for 5G technology in the future is also driven by the development of self-driving cars, machine-to-machine communication, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Also greater possibilities for automation of industrial production processes, internet connected logistics, smart factories, and more.

We have divided our Communications offering into two areas:

Telecom Mobile – 5G

Telecom operators are currently planning intensively for the expansion of the 5G network following allocation of the new mobile frequencies. This means that thousands of mobile cellular sites need to be upgraded with new technology, and new mobile sites will be needed to achieve optimal cellular coverage in Sweden.
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Telecom Mobile 5G

Telecom Fiber

5G, IoT and smart factories depend on a powerful fixed fiber network to reach their full capacity. For the expanding fiber network Harju Elekter manufactures fiber equipment shelters, 19” racks and other passive products that comply with the demands of the market. Read more >

Telecom Fiber