We should take advantage of solar energy

For solar energy projects, Harju Elekter takes responsibility for the entire system, working with experienced component suppliers. We handle preliminary studies and collect the information required to apply for building permission. We can also supply battery storage solutions.

The solar panels come from Scandinavian Solar Parks, a leading solar energy company with more than 8 years’ experience. They supply one of the best solar panels available, with cell efficiency of >22.3% and guaranteed efficiency of 80% for up to 25 years.

We produce our own connection equipment which comprises high quality Mecha-Flex distribution boards in metal, up to ingress protection class IP55.

We use DC breakers, 1 500 V, and a Digiware solution for digital quality feed of AC and DC. Outputs and inputs at IT/IP level come from Socomec and are stocked in Sweden.

The inverters in our systems come from Huawei and other suppliers offering high quality and efficiency. They have smart communication solutions.

Harju Elekter is a member of Svensk Solenergi:

One of our projects is a solar cell installation at BRF Jungfrudansen, Solna: