Industri- och kommersiella fastigheter

A reliable power supply ensures operational stability

Operations in various types of industrial and commercial buildings rely on a stable power supply. We supply and install electricity distribution boards, switchgear, control and monitoring systems, and back-up systems. In addition, we contribute to the creation of a fossil free society with solutions for generating solar energy.

Customised solutions for different types of buildings

Our portfolio includes low voltage switchgear, central distribution boards, and solutions for raising energy efficiency and generating solar energy. Our solutions are designed for different types of industrial and commercial premises, for tenant-owner associations, warehouses, distribution centers and public premises.

The systems are designed and built in our own production facilities in Sweden.

Local design and production put us close to you and make our offering unique. Our knowledgeable site managers oversee the daily operations down to the last detail.

Although close to our partners we remain independent of them. All our solutions are tested and certified according to current standards.

With Harju Elekter as your partner you can feel secure from order to delivery. If you need help on site, or an extension to your installation, our Service organisation is standing by to assist you.

Our solutions for different types of buildings include electricity distribution boards, solar energy and reserve power.

Electricity distribution

We supply low voltage switchgear and distribution boards for shopping malls, arenas, industrial premises and other buildings. Read more >

Solar energy

Our focus is tenant-owner associations and commercial premises. Our project scope includes installation of equipment for different projects and on various surfaces.
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Reserve power

For many critical operations power outages are simply unthinkable.
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